Charlotte Chesnais meets Ulysse Sauvage

"In my work, I really like the organic aspect of glass. I work mainly with the defects of this material. I love that each piece has its own characteristics, that each piece is unique. I also really like the shapes and the transparency that blown glass can bring."

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Charlotte Chesnais

The Festive season is upon us and for this occasion Charlotte Chesnais and Ulysse Sauvage came together to imagine an exclusive Nipple Box for this end of year celebrations: The Glass Nipple.

"I think it’s a nice parallel to Charlotte’s body-hugging jewelry, which looks really unique and very organic at the same time. But there are also all these roundnesses in these jewels that we find a lot in blown glass.We tried to create an object together, which highlights both the glass blowing and the jewelry that will contain it, and which also protects the jewelry inside."

Ulysse Sauvage

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