To care: To look after something, to ensure that it lasts. 

We take care of the things we care for, the vital things. A fire, a house, a friendship... or a piece of jewelry by Charlotte Chesnais.  

Because our jewels are your darlings – and a whole lot of other sweet words that finish with an ing sound – we want to help you take care of them with the special attention and unique gestures that we set out for you here.  

Time, Vermeil’s good friend 

Although it is particularly resistant to wear and tear, the vermeil in our jewelry may naturally oxidise and develop a patina over time, like a fine leather or a good wine, thus bearing the unique imprint of the moments shared with it. Oxidation is a natural process that is not related to the quality or manufacture of the jewel. Several simple and easily applicable gestures can help keep your jewelry bright. 

Simple steps to take care of your jewelry

There are simple things you can do daily to look after your Charlotte Chesnais jewelry.

  • We recommend that you remove your jewelry before washing your hands, showering or going to bed - we promise, it will be waiting for you on your bedside table next to your favourite novel.  

  • Nobody puts baby in the corner. To prevent natural oxidation, avoid leaving your jewelry in an enclosed space without any light.  

  • To ensure that your jewelry is not gasping for air, store it in a well-ventilated place. 

  • No beauty products on these beauties: avoid contact with creams, perfume, and hydroalcoholic gel; your skin may like them, your jewelry, not so much.  

  • Looking dull? Polish your jewelry regularly with the soft cloth provided with your purchase to keep it brand new and to avoid oxidation. 

A special care service to revive the shine of your jewelry  

To give your Charlotte Chesnais jewelry a makeover, we have created a dedicated care service for them. After this made-to-measure treatment, you will have the pleasure of finding your jewelry as good as new.  

We offer a special vermeil reviving service carried out by the same artisan jewelers who make our jewlery. During this meticulous ritual, the craftsman first repolishes the jewel, then dips it in gold and finally gives it second repolishing that leaves the jewel as bright as new.  

Lastly, to celebrate your first CC anniversary, Charlotte Chesnais offers a free care session in her workshops. Further re-coating can be arranged later at the customer’s discretion.  

What is our jewelry made of? 

Vermeil, a precious metal 

Charlotte Chesnais chose vermeil for its nobility and longevity, thus following a centuries-old jewelry tradition. A precious metal just like gold, platinum or silver, vermeil is composed of sterling silver covered with a layer of 18-karat gold. As dense as silver, it has a 5 micron layer of gold that is five times thicker than most other gold-plated jewelry. Unlike other metals used in jewelry such as bronze or brass, vermeil does not rust and is not allergenic to the skin. Finally, the flexibility of this material leaves the imagination free to create original shapes – like the ones in the "Round Trip" and "Ivy" collections.  

Rhodium-plated silver

The silver in our jewelry is traceable, recycled and comes from rigorous sources that we select with the greatest care. This plating is mainly used in fine jewelry, and consists in electroplating rhodium on fine silver, or 925 silver. As rhodium is a metal whose properties are close to those of gold, this process prevents the natural oxidation of silver.

Update on hallmarks 

In France, it is legally obligatory for a piece of precious metal jewelry weighing more than 3 grams to be hallmarked, and therefore authenticated, at the time of its manufacture. Charlotte Chesnais creations are recognisable by their hallmarks: "Ag 925", which stands for sterling silver (925 thousandths), which is the richest silver alloy that can be worked, and the "V" which certifies the use of 5 micron vermeil. 

How is our jewelry made? 

Our jewelry is made from the subtle combination of the human hand and machine intelligence. Thanks to this hybrid and complementary approach advanced technologies perfect the artisanal gesture. Our collections are carefully crafted by passionate artisans in workshops in France, Italy and Portugal that are certified by the RJC (Responsible Jewelry Council), the highest international jewelry certification that traces and audits the supply chain. The jewelry is then examined by the specialists in our quality department.  

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