«Expertise is fundamental to my work. It translates as respect for both the techniques we use and the craftspeople behind them.»

Charlotte Chesnais

“We function like a couture atelier only with differentmaterials.”

“We function like a couture atelier only with different materials. I experiment with forms alongside metalworkers. They twist, solder, hammer. Back in my studio, I work with soft tin wires, which allow me to test the effects.

My jewelry has a neo-classical element which makes it timeless, but then the lines and forms can appear entirely unexpected. You can sense this dynamism in each piece as soon as it is worn or layered with others. Above all, I am fascinated with form and it is this pursuit that has become a constant throughout my designs.” Rigid, vermeil allows me to extend my lines a little further; to play a little differently with forms and curves. It’s lighter than solid gold, which allows me to create larger-scale pieces that make a stronger statement. This beautiful metal is demanding to work with; it requires its own expertise. This is why I am proud that all of our vermeil jewelry is made in French workshops by smelters with exceptional know-how.”

Charlotte Chesnais
Charlotte Chesnais

French Manufacturing

すべてのシャルロット シェネの作品は、フランス、イタリア、ポルトガルの最高のアトリエでそれぞれの特徴に合わせて作られ、その後、パリのオフィスで専門家が監修しています。

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Charlotte Chesnais
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