Our jewelry needs the same care as a plant: they need daylight to keep their shine.

We advise our clients to follow our recommendations below for preserving the shine and longevity of their jewelry.

  • Remove jewelry before washing hands, showering and sleeping.

  • To avoid natural oxidation, don’t leave your jewelry in an enclosed space.

  • Avoid contact with creams, perfumes and hydroalcoholic gel..

  • Store your jewelry in a well ventilated space.

  • Regularly wipe down your jewelry with the cloth provided upon purchase to maintain its shine and avoid oxidation.

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Jewelry Spa

Reflecting our conscious environmental approach, we can propose a re vermeillage treatment to our clients. This extends the life of our pieces and renews their appearance to the moment of purchase. This treatment is complimentary during the first year and evaluated by an expert in our atelier. If the piece does not require gold plating replacement, repair fees will be estimated at our office.

We send your jewelry to our ateliers who carry out the treatments and hand-polishing.

Please allow one month for returns.

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