• 1. Shipping and delivery
  • 2. Returns and exchanges
  • 3. Packaging
  • 4. Help with my order
  • 5. Payment
  • 6. Care and repair
  • 7. After sales service
  • 8. Sizing
  • 9. About Jewelry
  • 10. Special projects
  • 11. Sustainability
1. Shipping and delivery
1.1 How long does delivery take?
1.2 What are your delivery fees?
1.3 Which countries do you deliver to?
1.4 How can I track my delivery?
1.5 How much are customs duties and taxes?
2. Returns and exchanges
2.1 How do returns work?
2.2 How can I cancel my order?
2.3 What I received does not correspond to what I ordered. What should I do?
2.4 Are returns free of charge?
2.5 How long do refunds take?
2.6 I received a damaged/defective product. What should I do?
3. Packaging
3.1 In what packaging will I receive my order?
3.2 Is it possible to gift wrap my order?
3.3 Can you add a note to my order?
4. Help with my order
4.1 I need help with my order - who can I contact?
4.2 What is your confidentiality policy in line with the GDPR?
4.3 Can I speak to someone via telephone?
5. Payment
5.1 What payment options are available?
5.1 Is payment secure?
5.1 I cannot complete payment for my order, what should I do?
6. Care and repair
6.1 How should I care for my jewelry?
6.2 What is vermeil?
6.3 Why has my vermeil jewelry developed a patina?
6.4 My jewelry leaves marks on my fingers, what can I do?
6.5 Can I wear my jewelry in the bath/shower/pool/sea?
6.5 How should I clean my jewelry?
7. After sales service
7.1 I purchased a piece from one of your retailers, who should I contact if I have a problem?
7.2 What does your guarantee cover?
7.3 Is my jewelry guaranteed? For how long?
7.4 My jewelry has broken and it is under warranty. What should I do?
7.5 My jewelry has broken and is no longer under warranty. What should I do?
7.6 My jewelry is oxidised, what should I do?
7.7 Can I drop off my jewelry for repair in store?
7.8 How long do repairs take?
7.9 How much does replating my jewelry cost?
7.10 I haven't heard back regarding my repair, who can I contact?
8. Sizing
8.1 I can't find my size, is it possible to order it?
8.2 The piece I'm interested in is out of stock on the website, how can I order it?
8.3 How to choose the right ring or bracelet size?
8.4 Is it possible to resize a vermeil ring?
8.5 My jewelry is not comfortable to wear, what can I do?
8.6 I can't put the jewelry on properly, what should I do?
9. About Jewelry
9.1 I Do you have your own workshop?
9.2 Where is your jewelry made?
9.3 Is my jewelry hypoallergenic?
10. Special projects
10.1 Do you propose custom-made jewelry?
10.2 Is it possible to create a piece of jewelry from one of my stones?
10.3 What is the price of a custom project?
11. Sustainability
11.1 Do you have a CSR policy on your premises?
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