Charlotte Chesnais

Boutique Charlotte CHESNAIS Saint-Germain
169, boulevard Saint-Germain
Paris 6ème

Charlotte Chesnais

Charlotte CHESNAIS is pleased to announce the opening of her Rive Gauche boutique at 169 Boulevard Saint-Germain, in the 6th arrondissement of Paris.

A second collaboration with Dutch architect, Anne Holtrop, this new location is a continuation of their first.

A focus on form and matter, and the creation of a unique spatial experience.

The high-ceilinged boutique is defined by contrasts which play with its constraints.
Centered on verticality and intimacy, the space encloses a unique and timeless atmosphere, where the very large sets the stage for the very small.
A monolithic, translucent mass is deployed like a frozen waterfall, within which the collections are suspended in both time and space. Drawers and cabinets are carved directly out of the natural grooves and relief of the artificial material, further underlining its highly contemporary yet historical feel. Light from the day and the boulevard is caught and reflected between the transparent, recycled acrylic and the shining opacity of metal, casting subtle shadows on and within the translucent wall.

Behind this décor, a sculptural staircase coils around itself and towards a more confidential space/setting, sating a desire for rupture – a boutique within a boutique, where Charlotte CHESNAIS’ high jewelry collections will be shown.

Charlotte Chesnais
Charlotte Chesnais

From the deep jade green with lichen hues, and the felted tones of the thick carpeting, the creator’s 70s inspirations are for the first time brought to the fore. A space from another era. An anachronistic wink, hinted through the reflections of the soft light on the lacquered walls.

« I discovered Paris through the Rive Gauche. I walked its streets as a child, and later lived there. It’s a place onto which I projected my fantasies of a very elegant, and perhaps a bit cliché, Parisian microcosm. To open my second boutique there is an accomplishment of which I’m proud. » Charlotte

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