Charlotte CHESNAIS is pleased to announce her collaboration with Emma Bruschi on the occasion of the Paris Creation Month. From Design to Fashion Week, Charlotte joins forces with the artist to take over the boutiques of the Rive Gauche, Rive Droite, and the studio.

Drawing inspiration from rural and agricultural surroundings, Emma unfolds a unique artistic vision by utilizing rye cultivated on the family farm to «stuff» objects, enveloping their forms with a layer of wheat. This distinct technique bestows her creations with an unexpected organic texture and a striking aesthetic. At the Design Parade in Hyères, Charlotte discovers an artist whose creative approach resonates closely with her own. Both share an exploratory audacity, a desire to transcend the boundaries of wheat, gold, or silver while rigorously challenging established norms. Each breathes new life into materials in their own way, elevating raw and natural states with precision through inventive diversion.

«Sculpting Nature» thus emerges as a reflection of their creative journey, a celebration of their mutual dedication to the purity of raw materials. Through this installation, they embody the very essence of craftsmanship, skill, transmission, and experimentation. A dialogue between two worlds, where nature transforms into sculpture.

Charlotte Chesnais
Charlotte Chesnais

Charlotte CHESNAIS - Studio
From September 30 to October 5
2 Rue de Valois 75001

Charlotte CHESNAIS – Rive Droite
From September 7 to October 5
10 Rue d’Alger 75001

Charlotte CHESNAIS – Rive Gauche
From September 7 to October 5
169 Boulevard Saint Germain 75006

Charlotte Chesnais is a creative director, whose elegant, sculptural creations for her namesake jewelry brand transformed taste in accessories and repositioned vermeil as a luxury and sustainable material. After arriving in Paris in the early 2000s, Charlotte joined the Balenciaga studio alongside Nicolas Ghesquière and a new generation of creative talents. They stood out through their artisanal, atelier-made, yet avant-garde aesthetic. Since 2015 and throughout her work, Charlotte plays, at times irreverently, with different dimensions of materiality creating her own universal language.

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